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Smile More Meal Prep


July 2019

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January 2020


Save time! Get out of the kitchen and leave the cooking to us.

Get yourself out of the kitchen.

For on-the-go professionals, volunteers, families, and more, it’s difficult to find time to make healthy meals for ourselves and our families without sacrificing something.

Even more difficult is finding a healthy and quick alternative to packing  lunch in the morning or making dinner in a pinch. Usually, the battle between wanting time to focus on what you love and eating healthy meals is won by the former, and we often find ourselves ordering pizza for dinner or picking up fast food for lunch.

But why should we sacrifice health for time, or time for health?

Terel Lynn and his fiancé Joanna Hersey had this exact problem. Three years ago, they decided to start meal prepping – a trending practice that involves pre-making meals for the week so they’re easy and to grab on the go.

Their foray into meal prepping allowed Terel and Joanna to have more control over the healthy ingredients in their food without sacrificing time every single day to make traditional meals. Together, through meal prepping, they lost 200 pounds.

Not only did Joanna and Terel see the need for themselves, but they also saw the need for a meal prep service in the Fort Wayne area. In July 2019, they officially started Smile More Meal Prep to bring a healthy and locally-sourced meal prep option to northeast Indiana.

And a need there was, because Smile More Meal Prep is continuing to grow.

Smile More Meal Prep offers a variety of meal boxes, including Thai Salad, Masala, Beef & Broccoli, Fish Tacos, and more. The company delivers meals straight to your door, and they offer flexible meal plans for every budget.

Terel and Joanna hope to establish their own commercial kitchen for meal prepping, and they hope Smile More will soon serve as a local powerhouse for health-oriented individuals.

Through local initiative, Smile More hopes to prop up small business and healthy eating alike.

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Business Updates

Smile More is Positively Fort Wayne

On this Labor Day we take you behind the scenes with a Fort Wayne couple who wants you to labor less and smile more. They say the service they provide can help.

“I started meal prepping three years ago just for myself, he didn’t want anything to do with it at first,” said Joanna Hersey, co-owner of Smile More.

“Yeah, I didn’t jump into meal prep right away,” said her fiance Terel Lynn. “She was wanting to do a lot of vegetarian options, but I love me some meat,” laughed Lynn. “So we combined together and I took my meat and seasonings and added her vitamins with the produce and then we became the dynamic duo.”

Locally Made Monday: Smile More Meal Prep

Meal prepping started out as a lifestyle change for Terel Lynn and Joanna Hersey.

The couple found cooking difficult with a busy schedule.

“We would cook our meals for the week so that we didn’t have to do that because we were finding out that it was taking up so much time with all the extracurricular activities and going to the gym, we weren’t eating until well after 7 o’clock.” Lynn said.

Their change inspired others, which in turn inspired them to create Smile More Meal Prep.

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