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Summer 2022


A high-end men’s clothing brand

They say clothes don’t make the man (or woman), but they certainly can make the person stand out.

That’s the premise behind Tehillah, a men’s clothing brand that aims to change closets and transform lives through its products.

Quality is at the heart of what its founder Ryan Giese does with the brand. To that end, he curates a high-level quality garment with a manufacturer in Italy and imports it to the United States. The hallmarks of the brand are captivating prints, a slim fit, and high-quality Italian fabrics — all designed to appeal to the modern professional-class male looking to maintain a certain image.

In other words, Tehillah helps customers put their best foot forward in the world. Ryan is confident his brand will facilitate that on several levels. For instance, his vision is to transform lives by investing time, talents, and treasures to make the world a better place. That’s why he reinvests a portion of sales back into the community. Ryan has a soft spot for New Hope Farms located in Northeast Indiana. He has benefited from their leadership and has seen firsthand the impact of their mission. He’d like to return the favor by supporting their cause.

His goals don’t end here, however. He launched a spring collection using the $500 Fortitude Fund grant and is on a growth trajectory. Specifically, he has his sights set on expanding their product line by offering men’s polos, T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

And Ryan isn’t stopping with clothes— his plans for the future include creating a holistic lifestyle brand. His vision is to offer personal care products like facial moisturizers, body washes, and a line of seasonal eau de parfums.

We can’t wait to see what Ryan does next!