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January 2023


An app for students to get real-time help with their homework.

Homework can be overwhelming for students and parents alike.

According to a survey by the app PhotoMath, more than 50% of parents struggle to understand their children’s homework assignments across subjects. This reality means that many students nationwide are falling behind.

However, a new solution means both parties can tap into the power of community to address those pain points. Enter TagOut, an app for students to get real-time help with their homework. Ashley Johnson, of DeKalb County, is the brains behind the app. The idea is to bridge a gap that impacts students’ academic performance and confidence. According to the founder, the target audience is parents who recognize a need for homework help for their students but do not want to be restricted to weekly tutoring sessions.

The app is also a win-win-win. That’s because teachers can benefit from the solution, in addition to students and parents eager to get help. Johnson said they’ve already identified a cohort of teachers who’ve agreed to participate and be compensated for helping students outside of the classroom.

This traction might just be the beginning of TagOut’s success story. Johnson shares that 3-5 years from now, they hope to have more than 10,000 certified TagOut teachers ready and able to help students all over the country. They hope to have more than 100,000 TagOut App users.