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A place to celebrate life’s special and unforgettable moments with ones you love at a table set with delicious food.

Helping you celebrate life’s most important moments.

Food is an important aspect of social gatherings. In fact, the most important parts of events are the food and the people. But what if you don’t have the resources to create food for yourself?

That’s where Stephanie Rogers comes in. She is a private caterer and the owner and founder of Set The Table, a catering and meal-prep company right here in Fort Wayne.

Stephanie understands how much of a difference exquisitely made food and the right ambiance can make in any situation. She services all types of events – from weddings to date nights – and provides the food and decor.

Her ultimate mission is to offer savory and exquisitely cooked food as well as service in an ambiance that will appeal to my customers and their guests as they celebrate life’s special and unforgettable moments.

In addition to catering services, Set The Table also provides meal prep. In today’s culture of unhealthy fast food, eating well can be difficult or finding time to cook a good wholesome meal for your family. Stephanie helps her customers create a tailored menu program that’s right for their and their family’s needs.

As her business grows, Stephanie hopes to be able to expand her clientele, have a commercial space to work from, and book events consistently. On a larger scale, she’d like to expand her catering business to include small restaurants and a bed & breakfast.

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