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Allen County
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A Chance Re-employment Agency



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July 2018


Assisting individuals with occupational barriers to obtain workplace skills in preparation for securing suitable and sustainable employment.

Everyone has something valuable to offer the world.

After working as a re-employment coordinator for years, this fact has become more than apparent to Stephanie Martin. Too often, Stephanie has seen able-bodied people who are willing to grow a career with obstacles such as criminal records and disabilities be turned away from re-employment services.

A Chance Re-employment Agency solves the problem of people falling through the cracks in current re-employment systems. It not only provides re-employment services, but it also helps candidates hone soft workplace skills and build relationships with employers that will foster a long-term, positive relationship for both.

Stephanie’s goal is to provide a space for re-employment candidates to gain genuine stability and provide for themselves and their families. Through A Chance Re-employment Agency, Stephanie hopes to give meaningful learning opportunities to candidates who have been overlooked in traditional re-employment settings.

In order to change the community for the better, Stephanie believes that every person deserves a chance to make a positive impact, no matter the obstacles they face.

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Business Updates

New company helps job-challenged become employment ready

“Everybody deserves a chance!” That’s the philosophy behind a new Fort Wayne company that helps job-challenged individuals become qualified for employment. A Chance Re-Employment and Training Agency, LLC, recently was launched by local entrepreneur Stephanie Martin, MBA, MHA, to fill a void she became aware of during her years of experience working in the mental health administration and workforce development fields.

Crime Stopper: Re-employment Efforts

America locks up more men and women than any other nation on the planet, two and a half million of them, and offers those who serve their time little help getting back on their feet after they’re released. Part of the reason so many end up back in jail.

“Your resume tells your employer about your work history and that kind of thing,” explains Stephanie Martin, “but your cover letter tells them about you.”

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