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Fort 806


December 2016

$500 Grant Date

June 2018


A podcast to help people rediscover Fort Wayne by hearing from their neighbors who lead it.

Engaging and uniting the people of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne’s growth has been exponential in recent years, making it a flourishing community of diverse people, places, and happenings. But, maybe long-time and new residents alike may have a hard time engaging with the community they call home simply because they don’t know where to look.

Sonya Flores, a first-generation Mexican American/Lipan Apache, woman living in the Midwest, wants people to unite within the community: To gain a deeper understanding of the diversity you can find in Fort Wayne, and learn from people of diverse backgrounds navigating the community.

Fort 806 is a podcast created with this idea in mind. In the podcast, Sonya, the creator and host, speaks with the leaders of Fort Wayne, allowing them to share their experiences related to the community. This lets everyone get to know the community from the lens of the neighbors who lead it, a diverse group of people who are committed to making Fort Wayne better.

Sonya’s hope with the podcast is to help listeners learn how to better engage with Fort Wayne and the neighbors they meet there. She hopes to use her $1,000 grant from the Fortitude Fund to purchase audiovisual technology to improve the quality of the show and to develop a branding and marketing strategy.

You can listen to the podcast here: