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Skye Magic






January 2023


Original clothing and accessories for people who want to stand out.

The world could use more joy. Artist Ily Pflughoeft, of Leo, hopes to inspire that feeling with her business, Skye Magic.

Skye Magic is a place where you can find items that bring out the joy and magic in your life. It’s all about connecting with yourself and those around you.

Art is a means to that end and it’s been a passion for Ily since she could remember. For instance, growing up, she loved expressing herself through how she decorated her bedroom, outfit choices and jewelry selection. Her business is an extension of that childhood pursuit.

Today she offers what she describes as “quirky, eccentric goods.” Think sculpted earrings, costume props, original paintings on clothing and accessories and even clay-faced plushies. She’s also available for custom designs and loves to dream up creations with customers. The Skye’s the limit, after all!

Her target audience is those who appreciate and seek out things that are out of the ordinary — anyone who wants to stand out. However, her customer base tends to skew younger, so she tries to keep her prices affordable and accessible.

That also means having an active presence on social media and accepting sales through Instagram. At the time of the grant application, she shared she had a following of 129 and hopes to cultivate more of an audience there. She also aspires to have a website/online shop that’s permanent for customers to purchase goods. The grant funds will allow her to check things off her to-do list, such as developing a website, expanding her inventory and increasing profitability.

Looking further into the future, Ily said she envisions herself having a storefront someday. She also wants to employ other artists, further contributing to the local economy.

Love to see it, Ily!