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Providing quality childcare services and educational support for families in need.

Building bright futures inside Cool Kids Childcare and Learning Environment

Shameika Grigsby, with five years of experience in childcare, founded Cool Kids Childcare and Learning Environment LLC with a mission to provide quality childcare services to families in Fort Wayne. Drawing on her extensive background working in childcare centers and with Fort Wayne Community Schools, Shameika brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a childcare provider.

Cool Kids Childcare and Learning Environment LLC offers licensed family childcare services for infants through school-age children at affordable rates, catering to single parents and families facing financial challenges. In addition to providing essential childcare services, Shameika also offers date nights for parents, recognizing the need for parents to have a break while ensuring their children are well cared for.

With a focus on quality care and educational support, Cool Kids Childcare and Learning Environment LLC has gained traction within the community, serving numerous families and earning their trust. Shameika’s vision for the future involves expanding her daycare facility to accommodate more families while maintaining the same high standards of care.

If awarded the $1,000 grant, Shameika plans to invest in educational tools, outdoor equipment, and safety supplies to enhance the learning environment for the children under her care. While currently operating as a solo venture, Shameika is committed to providing the best possible care for the children and families she serves.”

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