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Bear’s Beanies



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March 2021


Trendy and versatile handmade beanies that benefit kids fighting cancer.

A Local Business Making an Impact.

What do you do when you’re stuck inside during a global pandemic? You start your own business, of course.
When twelve year-old Scotlyn Moncur began feeling cooped up during last year’s quarantine, she decided she wanted to take a trip to Indianapolis with her Mom. In order to earn some money for their time away, Scotlyn founded Bear’s Beanies.
She put her sewing machine to work creating beanie hats that can also be worn as masks and scarves. Her parents gave business input and helped her start selling beanies online. Once she began making money on sales, Scotlyn realized she wanted her work to benefit others as well.
Now, for every beanie sold, she donates one to the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis to encourage kids who are fighting cancer. She was also recently recognized as the Junior Achievement Young Entrepreneur of the Month in northern Indiana.

Scotlyn will use her grant to cover expenses like business cards, fabrics, craft fair vendor fees, and trips to Indianapolis to deliver beanies to kids. While she would like to pursue work as an animator down the road, Scotlyn plans to keep Bear’s Beanies running part-time, lending her heart to making an impact.

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