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Lunar Infusions Kombucha


August 2017

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November 2018


 The highest quality kombucha available in the midwest.

Organic. Functional. Natural.

During her four years as a free-spirited traveler, Sarah Trombley became interested in fermented foods and the health benefits of kombucha. Once she settled down in Arcata, California, she began brewing her own kombucha at home and realized she had a knack for the process.

Sarah soon found herself not only brewing for herself but brewing for many of her friends who decided that her homemade kombucha was better than anything they could get at the store. After realizing she could make her passion into a business, Sarah created Lunar Infusions Kombucha

At Lunar Infusions’s number one goal is to provide the highest quality kombucha available in the midwest. Sarah brews with all organic ingredients and sources them locally as much as possible. Their traditional kombucha is fermented with organic evaporated cane sugar, and everything is brewed in small batches, which preserves the nutritional integrity and creates optimal flavor. Lunar Infusions uses mineralized reverse osmosis water instead of municipal tap water. Overall, Sarah and her team pay close attention to the details, so customers can taste and feel the difference.

As the owner and brewmaster, Sarah’s goal is not to simply flavor the kombucha, it is to create herbal formulated kombucha. Although the flavor is very important, each herb is chosen for its medicinal qualities, safety, and synergistic effect to make an already healthy beverage into a true elixir. Every batch is made lovingly, with intention. The purpose of Lunar Infusions is to create something beautiful, enjoyable, and healthy for my community and to use our kombucha as a tool to support a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah used her $1,000 grant from the Fortitude Fund on marketing efforts for Lunar Infusions Kombucha, which has paid off. From selling at local markets in 2018, Lunar Infusions now has a stall locked down at the Union Street Market at Electrics Works and opened a brewing facility and taproom in February 2022.

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