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July 2020


Matching private plane owners with aviation businesses to provide the best possible flight experience.

Meaningful aviation connections.

For many private plane owners, finding the right aviation business (Fixed Base Operator, or FBO) or airport to connect you to where you need to go can be a cumbersome task. Ultimately, the amount of research it takes isn’t worth the time, especially if your amenities aren’t being met or you can’t find the best price.

SimpleSortie automates complex aviation matters so you can focus on what matters most: the joy of flying!

The software connects private aviators to the FBOs and airports that best meet their needs by storing passenger and pilot preferences and matching the information with a catalog of amenities and labor and fuel prices from FBOs close to the aviator’s final destination.

Ryan Srogi, the founder and creator of SimpleSortie, recognized the importance of customer-business relationships when building the prototype of the software. He wants to take the technicalities out of flying so that private plane owners can get where they need to go when they need to go there as easily as possible.

The stored aviator profiles and catalog of participating FBOs and airports makes it easy for private plane owners to get the most out of their flying experience, saving time and money so that they can focus on the joys and luxuries of aviation.

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Business Updates

gBETA Announces Fort Wayne Cohort Companies

Wisconsin-based startup accelerator gener8tor has released the participants in its gBETA Fort Wayne Spring 2020 cohort. The company says the five participating startups range in industry from aviation to manufacturing to eye care.

The startups include Glasses Gripper, Guardian Machine Protection, Lensquote, SimpleSortie, and STRE.ME.

Local founders prepare for gBETA pitch night

Potential investors and other interested parties soon will have a chance to see what gener8tor has accomplished with the first Fort Wayne companies to get through its gBETA business development program.

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