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October 2019

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November 2019


To securely store and present personal identification as a way of chronicling story, family, and culture.

Displaced communities are struggling to document their personal histories.

As more communities begin their journeys toward new lives, the stories of their families and cultures are getting lost in the shuffle. Ramadan Abdul-Azeez has discovered that there’s a need for a place for these stories to live, grow, and be remembered.

Ramadan and his team are in the process of creating GENifi, a space to securely store and present personal identity.

GENifi’s online presence will provide its members a private space to securely host their histories, including personal identification documents, images, videos, and narratives. The space is self-authored by members and can serve as easy identification for members. Through GENifi, people are able to preserve their identities.

Ramadan and his team are also developing a mobile app that will allow state governments to securely securely facilitate the distribution of of personal identification and digital driver’s licenses. The app will also make it easy for users to securely present their identification on-demand.

iPhone mockup of GENfini Mobile app

Increasingly, communities such as LGBTQX, political dissidents, and ethnic are realizing that part of their journey forward is chronicling their past. The GENifi team hopes to have a working model developed by the end of 2020.

Eventually, Ramadan hopes that GENifi will expand on a global scale with a vast array of personal identity-based services. For now, the GENifi team is working hard on the infrastructure development phases, something they hope will be aided by their grant from the Fortitude Fund.

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