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Allen County
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Earth’s Prime


October 2018

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March 2019


To produce a line of high-demand product offerings, using nature’s best ingredients.

Did you know that sausages can be vegan AND delicious?

Phyllis Miller, the creator of Earth’s Prime, had developed simple recipes that turn some of our favorite comfort foods into vegan delicacies.

After exploring a vegan, plant-based diet, Phyllis realized that the market for these types of foods is lacking in both options and flavor. She started growing micro-greens and mushrooms and began experimenting with recipes that put her own ingredients, as well as other local ingredients, to use.

The result was Earth’s Prime, a selection of vegan, plant-based soups and sausages, as well as locally-grown microgreens and mushrooms, that are both delicious and healthy.

Since Earth’s Prime began, Phyllis has been able to rent commercial kitchen space and start selling her products at local farmers markets. Her main source of sales comes from Market Wagon, an online farmer’s market that allows Earth’s Prime to ship products right to its customers’ doors.

Phyllis has been able to take feedback from her customers to modify Earth’s Prime’s offerings to a point where they can compete in local food shops and larger chains. She is currently in the processing of getting Earth’s Prime onto shelve at Whole Foods, but they want her to professionalize her branding first, including labels, packaging, and sales strategy.

With the help of the Fortitude Fund micro-grant, Phyllis will be able to work on her marketing so she can expand her brand on a national level.

Although her business dreams are big, her bigger vision is to use nature’s best ingredients that are grown and sourced locally, while creating jobs and doing the most good in our communities and world.

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