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Anne-Grey Flowers


January 2018

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November 2019


Executing event florals and personalized services for our clients and their celebrations.

Floral design that capture emotions and provide inspiration.

Patti Nix worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years where she learned how to provide excellence in customer service. But she always knew that her passion came from art, and that her life would lead her down that path somehow.

She discovered her path when thinking about the emotional and inspirational significance of nature on her life. Patti found her passion in flowers and Anne-Grey Flowers was born.

Patti Nix in front of a wall of red and pink flowers and leaves

Anne-Grey Flowers is a floral design company in Fort Wayne that specializes in providing high-end floral arrangements to the community for their businesses, homes, and special celebrations and events.

The company provides two services: monthly floral design subscriptions for businesses and homes and personalized floral design for weddings, corporate gatherings, and celebrations.

Patti’s main focus for Anne-Grey Flowers is to provide world-class customer service to people of northeast Indiana who recognize the beauty and inspiration behind nature and flora and value its presence in their lives.

In a few years, Patti hopes that Anne-Grey Flowers’ subscription service is a semi-autonomous operation that provides monthly subscriptions to loyal yearly customers across the region. The events department will focus on securing customers with a greater standard of excellence.

Eventually, Anne-Grey Flowers will Expand into a small-production slow growth cut flower farm, allow Patti to provide her customers with fresh, local flowers directly to her clients at no extra cost.

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