Fortitude Founder

Allen County
Founder Profile

Nolan Chandler

& Luke Schooley


Life In Perspective Skateboards



$500 Grant Date

November 2018


A clothing brand that is heavily inspired by skateboard culture.

Expressing artistic visions through culture.

Nolan Chandler and Luke School have a couple of things in common: They like to express themselves through art, and they appreciate skateboard culture. It began as an art collective to help express their artistic visions, but soon became a meaningful part of their lives.

As such, they decided to begin collaborating to make the concept of their art into something more lucrative. Life In Perspective Skateboards became a collaborative project heavily inspired by skateboard culture.

Luke and Nolan have begun their venture by focusing on clothing and other soft goods and plan to use the $1,000 grant from the Fortitude Fund to build an inventory and create more designs.

Eventually, the Life In Perspective Skateboards team would like to enter the hard goods market and begin selling skateboards once they’ve grown enough in their business. For now, they continue to focus on creating interesting and dynamic art on quality clothing and other soft goods.