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February 2020


To provide the horticultural industry and everyday backyard gardeners with a high quality organic product that grows stronger, healthier plants all while protecting our precious planet.

Saving the world, one worm at a time.

We’ve all heard of composting food waste in a bin in our backyards. It’s a sustainable way to keep food waste out of local landfills, making it easy for households and restaurants to contribut to the improvement of our evironment.

But did you know that we can take it one step further? All we need is worms.

Even better, Back To Earth Vermicasting is a local vermicomposting program that does it all for you.

Nick Sorg, the founder of Back To Earth Vermicastings, wanted to make it easier for households and restaurants to get rid of food waste while making a greater impact on the environment through his business.

The process is pretty simple. Nick and his team gather food waste from their restaurant partners and individual households participating in the program. They then compost the food waste and feed it to worms. The composted matter will pass through the gut of the earthworm.

The result is incredibly nurtient-dense castings that can be used to enhance plant growth, and 25,000 pounds of food waste diverted from local landfills so far. That equates to stopping 10 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering earth’s atmosphere.

Not only is Back To Earth Vermicastings working to divert waste from landfills, but they’re also contributing to sustainable plant growth by selling the castings they create to household garnders and professional horticulturalists alike.

The nature of castings traps CO2 in the soil for a longer period of time, limiting its emissions and its effect on the earth’s atmosphere.

To participate in the Back To Earth Vermicasting program, restaurants will pay a monthly subscription and Nick and his team will pick up their food waste weekly.

Residents interested in the program can sign up for a subscription that gives them access to waste drop-off sites. Subcribers will receive worm castings to continue the cycle of growth and environmental healing.

Currently, Back To Earth Vermicastings can accept and process 800 pounds of food waste per week, and Nick hopes that their building will be at full capacity by 2023.

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