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August 2019


To help those in need to keep their independence and improve their quality of life.

Let Nancy be your shuttlebug!

Nancy Gaier has been working for assisted living communities for 19 years, providing transportation services to those who need it most. Now, after gaining major knowledge in areas such as accounting and business management, she thinks it’s about time to start making money for herself.

Shuttlebug FW LLC is a personal transportation service run by Nancy. The ultimate goal of Shuttlebug is to help those in need to keep their independence and improve their quality of life.

Nancy will partner with nursing homes and senior living communities in Fort Wayne to provide day-to-day shuttle services to their residents who need to run errands, go to doctors appointments, and make a stop at the bank.

Many people living in senior homes face the obstacle of being too old to drive, having physical or mental disabilities, losing their license, or a combination of the three. Being able to complete daily errands allows them to feel joy in going about the day like anyone else. This, above all, is what fuels Nancy’s soul to do what she does.

Bringing other people little joys is what fuels Nancy’s soul.

Shuttlebug not only provides transportation services, but Nancy also takes the time to get to know her customers and help them with daily tasks like grocery shopping and banking. She understands the nuances of each person’s situation and knows the importance of catering to their specific needs.

In addition to everyday needs for transportation, she will also be working with activity directors at senior living communities to plan group outings.

Shuttlebug transports residents to places like Tincaps games, the Embassy and Civic Theaters, Wagon Wheel Playhouse in Warsaw, and surrounding restaurants, lakes, and wineries. She hopes to be able to take residents on a trip to a wind turbine farm soon.

During the holidays, Nancy plans to take her customers on special trips, including a color tour in the fall to take in the beauty of the season and a trip to the Fantasy of Lights at Franke Park during Christmastime.

Nancy is looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of her customers and growing her business. In three to five years, she hopes to have 5 buses that can seat 15 people each, with lift capabilities and an employee to drive each.

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