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March 2017

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February 2020


An affordable and secure alternative to the cash logistics industry.

Redefining cash-in-transit.

You may be familiar with Brinks cars located outside of grocery stores or banks, ready to securely transport money from business to bank. You may not know, however, the cash-in-transit industry dominated by Brinks, Loomis, and Guarda hasn’t been innovated for years.

This is causing astronomical prices for services that could be done more efficiently, affordably, and securely than before.

Murat Tachmuhammedov moved to the United States to find financial flexibility and stability by starting a business, and the opporunity he saw to disrupt the cash-in-transit industry was too big to pass up.

Murat moved to the United States to find financial flexibility and stability by starting a business.

Murat founded Fortycor Dynamics LLC and began developing Brigloo, a brand new way to transport cash from businesses to banks safely, efficiently, and on-demand. Think: Uber for money.

The Brigloo model is facilitated through an app, and money transfers are performed by off-duty law enforcement to ensure ease of useĀ andĀ maximum security.

The innovative nature of the model offers flexibility of scheduling, low profile transportation services less likely to be targeted for hijacking, and minimized risk of lost valuables by distributing loads among multiple transportations.

The innovative nature of Brigloo makes transporting money sercure, flexible, low-profile, and less risky.

Murat hopes that Brigloo can provide a safe and affordable cash-in-transit option for local cash-heavy businesses such as reatilers, restaurants, and grocery stores. He has been in talks with beta testing partners, and hopes to launch the finished platform to the public soon.

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