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December 2019


Enhancing the safety of working with sharp tools while adjusting glasses and inserting lenses.

No tool currently exists that can do what Glasses Gripper can do.

Monica Miller has been working in the retail optical field for 30 years. She is an optical manager and does consulting to increase optical sales.

In her 30 years, she’s discovered one main issue with no solution (until now): Adjusting and working on glasses and lenses is a risky business. The sharp tools used can damage lenses and hands, causing (physical and economical) pain for many opticians.

Opticians should be able to adjust glasses with ease.

Monica created Glasses Gripper, a set of tools that will eliminate this problem. The tools will allow opticians to apply pressure to glasses and lenses while adjusting them without the risk of them sliding or slipping off the counter.

The tool was made for opticians working in optical labs, retail opticals, and ophthalmologist and optometrist offices. Glasses Gripper tools will make life easier for opticians in more ways than one. 

Replacing lenses damaged by sharp objects is expensive, so reducing the risk of slippage and spoilage is imperative to saving opticians money. Patients then won’t have any wait time for replacement glasses, improving their eye care experiences. Lastly, doctors no longer have to worry about painful stab wounds when hands no longer slip when adjusting glasses.

Gone are the days of stab wounds and damaged lenses.

Monica is currently working on a prototype for Glasses Gripper tools at The Workbench – Fort Wayne and hopes to begin selling them online in the near future.

Funding from the Fortitude Fund will go toward startup costs of materials for manufacturing, as well as creating an online presence through a new website and marketing.

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