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February  2021


Creating a marketplace that breaks down barriers between nonprofits and the technology solutions they need.

It’s a No-Brainer.

Mitch Stein is flipping the traditional tech marketing model on its head. And he’s doing it all for the sake of the nonprofit sector.
Too often, busy nonprofit leaders have to step away from their mission in order to undertake cumbersome tasks like manual data management (think spreadsheets) or shopping for technology vendors who could help streamline their work. But how do leaders without tech backgrounds even know where to look? In addition, tech companies spend big dollars trying to get in front of the customers that need them.
With Pond, Mitch is building a marketplace that matches nonprofits with the tech vendors that can help them better achieve their goals. Nonprofits simply list themselves on the platform, and technology providers browse the listings and choose the potential customers whose needs best fit the solutions they offer. Then, they schedule a time to connect.
Even better, tech vendors pay each nonprofit $100 for meeting with them. That money goes into the nonprofit’s Pond account to spend on technology.
This setup benefits everyone. Nonprofits can meet with suitable tech vendors at their leisure and get paid for their time. And instead of pouring marketing dollars into the hopes of getting in front of the right customers, tech providers can save enormous time and money and simply talk to someone that’s already interested.
Mitch is using his $500 grant to increase the number of nonprofit users on the site through personal connections and targeted advertising. In the long run, Mitch pictures a flourishing, streamlined marketplace that meets the needs of everyone involved.
With a heart in the nonprofit sector, Mitch is lending his brains to the solutions that can change the way things are done in the marketplace. And for everyone else, it’s a true no-brainer.
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