Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs.

Fortitude Fund mentors are here to come alongside you as you navigate owning and running your small business.

One Community

Being part of the Fortitude Fund community means connecting with all entrepreneurs, even those who might be far beyond where you are now. Mentors are available to anyone in our community looking for guidance, connection, and a community that will invest in their success. We’re not just about helping to fund your dreams. We’re here to help you achieve them any way we can, and with the right people in your community, you can take steps toward growing, dreaming, and cultivating a business you love.

How it works.

1. Introductions Are In Order

After receiving one of our grants, our Regional Director of Entrepreneurship will facilitate an introduction between you and a mentor who has already agreed to the role.

2. Connect With Mentor

At each meeting with your mentor, you will be expected to show up prepared with questions and information on any needs you may have. Remember to be open and coachable!

3. Three Session Commitment

Your mentor has committed to at least three sessions and will be prepared to understand your business and challenges, share constructive feedback, and share any relevant experiences and connections with you.

3. Post-Session Debriefs

Finally, following each session with your mentor, you will meet with our Regional Director of Entrepreneurship and provide a debrief of your session and share any needs we may be able to help with.

Benefits of a mentor:

Get Started

Tailored to your venture

Diverse network

For the entire community

Fellow entrepreneurs

Robust understanding

Feedback & accountability

Why it matters.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely business. At the Fortitude Fund, we want to eliminate the fear of feeling like you have to figure all of this out by yourself. Through mentorship, we can offer you connections to seasoned entrepreneurs who have a robust understanding of the multitudes of business. We all want to see you succeed. By connecting you to the right people, you can develop the knowledge and know-how to see real success.

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