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Providing a safe, efficient, and convenient solution for cutting children’s food into bite-sized pieces.

Prevent and provide, revolutionizing mealtime safety.

Matt Kawiecki, a dedicated father and engineer, recognized the need for a safer and more efficient method of cutting children’s food after experiencing terrifying choking incidents with his daughters. Motivated by his personal experiences, Matt founded Totchop LLC with the mission of revolutionizing mealtime safety for parents everywhere.

At the heart of Totchop’s innovative solution is the ulu-inspired Totchop knife and cutting board, which enables parents to quickly and safely prepare food for their little ones. With its one-handed operation and streamlined design, the Totchop system offers a practical and convenient alternative to traditional methods of food preparation.

Since its inception, Totchop LLC has garnered significant interest and support from parents seeking a better way to ensure their children’s safety during meals. With plans to launch its product line and expand its market reach, Totchop is poised to make a lasting impact on the parenting industry.

To support the growth and development of Totchop LLC, Matt intends to utilize the $1,000 grant to cover expenses related to product development, marketing, and distribution. With the support of his dedicated team and strategic partners, Matt is confident that Totchop will become a household name synonymous with safety and convenience for families worldwide.”

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Business Updates

Founders Spark wins national skysthelimit competition

Founders Spark is all about building and strengthening connections in the entrepreneurial community, and it was a personal connection that convinced the Fort Wayne company’s young owner to enter a new nationwide business plan competition he recently won.

Local entrepreneur wins $2,000 grant

A Fort Wayne man recently won a national award for entrepreneurship for his business Founders Spark. awarded Aaron Robles a $2,000 Friends and Family grant, which provides a chance for individual donors to vote for people and projects they believe in, according to a news release from the organization.

Robles holds events for local entrepreneurs in the startup community to provide them the tools they need to succeed. He said in the release that the grant will help cover costs of the events and make them accessible to more people.

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Fort Wayne Magazine says these people are only givers, meaning they only give time, ideas, and experience. They give their 110%.

Fort Wayne Power Circle celebrates diversity, inclusion

Demographic representation improved locally with the election of three African Americans, including two women, to the Fort Wayne City Council. But, participants in panel discussion at a Founders Spark Power Circle celebration said the city remains far from approaching what it could achieve by improving inclusiveness.

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