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Mark AVL






Summer 2022


Premier and state-of-the-art audio, video, lighting, and technology systems for churches and schools

Sometimes the best business ideas are right in front of your nose.

That was the case for Branden Marker, a young man who saw a need in the local church community for technology and consultation around worship music.

Enter his business, Mark AVL; a designer, vendor, and installer of audio-video & lighting systems, acoustical treatments, and consultation services to help customers provide their audience with the best possible entertainment or worship experience.

No two jobs are the same, which is why Branden has built his business on providing custom solutions. He considers their needs and budget, then puts their vision to paper and brings the plan to life.

This problem-solving mindset has served him well. His customer base is growing, and his niche includes churches of up to 1500 members and schools with sports and theatrical facilities. Word has traveled fast about his winning combination of customer service, knowledge, and fair pricing. Branden is proud of the momentum he’s created over the last two years, sharing that the business has brought in about $100,000 in sales with 35 different churches and schools.

Despite his success, Branden remains humble and hungry. His goal is to expand the business’s online presence. To that end, his short-term goal is to create a library of video resources to provide current and prospective customers with free access to tips, tricks, and techniques to help them achieve their goals.

Ultimately, he aspires to provide viewers with the best experience possible by making sure the videos make an impact on all levels. That’s where the grant funds will come in handy. Branden plans to use the $500 grant to purchase the necessary lighting equipment to make quality videos.

We wish Branden success as he takes Mark AVL to the next level!