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February 2018

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October 2018


100% organic, raw, cold-press juices produced in Auburn, Indiana.

An open-ended symbol people can use to help themselves in their own personal journeys.

Luke Bassett was approached by Denise Hoff, owner of the Fresh Food Hub in Auburn, with one simple request: Fresh juice for her customers. Luke had knowledge of running a juice bar in Minnesota, and Denise had the equipment to make it happen. Luke began producing BŪMI JUICE, 100% organic, raw, cold-press juices, and selling them at the Fresh Food Hub.

Luke recognized that people “juice” for many reasons. Some people are health fanatics, some are casual consumers who care mostly about flavor, and some are trying to cure sickness.

Although, admittedly, Luke had been wary of the granious promises made by the “Wellness Industry’s” marketing tactics. He believes that the power of juicing comes from the intent of the user to make a positive change in their lives, not from the juice itself.

From there, Luke began making several dozen bottles of BŪMI JUICE per week out of the Fresh Food Hub. Core BŪMI JUICE customers will purchase 4-10 bottles of juice during that time.

The next step in Luke’s plan was to create a client management system to ensure those core customers were getting the freshest juice possible each time they purchased (the shelf life of BŪMI JUICE is only 4 days). The main goal is to provide his core customers with a way to effortlessly integrate BŪMI JUICE into their routine.

Eventually, Luke hopes thousands of people #GETBŪMI and start a journey to betterness.