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Spunrise Gourmet Cotton Candy



$500 Grant Date

March 2021


Fresh-spun, gourmet cotton candy in over 20 flavors that pleases a crowd and makes people smile.

Spun sugar that makes every day happy.

Heart is at the center of Lucy and Greg Graham’s Spunrise Gourmet Cotton Candy business. When Lucy received a heartbreaking terminal cancer diagnosis, she and her husband Greg gathered up the courage to start something new. Lucy wanted to build a legacy for her children, something good she could hand off to them.

Now, the Grahams pour their love into each delicious recipe they make. They spin sugar to make people smile. Selling primarily at the YLNI Farmer’s Market in Fort Wayne, Lucy and Greg have quickly noticed the multi-generational appeal of their work. Whether it’s parents introducing their kids to cotton candy for the first time or older adults enjoying a nostalgic treat, Spunrise pleases a diverse crowd.

According to Greg, there’s nothing better than a fresh puff of cotton candy. People agree, and their reach is growing. With over 20 flavors of cotton candy, Spunrise goes beyond “pink and blue” to offer customers a truly new experience.

The Grahams plan to expand soon by moving the business into a commercial kitchen to boost production. They also look forward to spinning live at summer markets and catering events. They are putting their $500 award toward special permitting and more equipment to reach these goals.

Down the road, they imagine selling wholesale and in retail shops. But their heart remains in spinning live and handing joy to the smiling person in front of them.
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