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New Heights Fitness


April 2018

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July 2018


Personalized fitness regimens for the average adult.

Take yourself to New Heights.

The gym can be intimidating, especially to people just starting out in their fitness journey. That’s how Lauren Caggiano felt when she first started working on her health and wellness in 2018.

After a weight gain left her feeling miserable and sluggish, Lauren knew she had to change her own personal fitness and wellness habits not only to achieve a healthier body, but also to work on empowering herself and lifting her confidence.

Shortly after she found success on her own journey, Lauren decided that many other “average” people were probably struggling with their health and fitness, too. It’s difficult for a newbie to start going to the gym, a place that can feel shameful and embarrassing for those who may not already be in the best shape.

Lauren became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) in April 2018 and started New Heights Fitness to help empower other members of the local community to improve their bodies and minds through personalized exercise routines and referrals to other health and wellness partners.

Through New Heights Fitness, Lauren offers 1-on-1 personal training sessions, small group classes, and virtual training opportunities in both categories. The gym she operates out of is semi-private and is booked by appointment only, allowing her clients to feel more comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones.

Lauren used her grant from the Fortitude Fund to cover some of New Heights Fitness’s startup expenses, including marketing materials, attorney fees, equipment, and more. To learn more about how Lauren can help you reach New Heights, click here:

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