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Language Matters






January 2023


English language services for Spanish speakers

Learning a foreign language can open many doors. But it can be challenging to take the first step.

Co-founder and CEO Lucas Fonseca knows this firsthand as a Chilean immigrant and bilingual professional himself. That’s why he founded Language Matters, a Warsaw, Indiana-based company designed to help support English language learners through online, in-person and hybrid services. His target market is Spanish-speaking young adults and adults — typically between 26 and 45 — who desire to learn English either for professional or personal reasons. Whatever the goal, the Language Matters team is bridging language and cultural gaps through innovation and education.

His concept has already resonated with people and companies in the region. To date, he’s worked with organizations like the City of Warsaw, Grace College, the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce and KEDCO. At the time of the grant submission, Lucas reported 70 active students and expects to welcome more soon. Coming off that initial success, he and his team are ready to launch the next programming concept, which will integrate artificial intelligence to further support learners.

But that’s not the only exciting development for this education startup. January 1, 2023 marked the official launch of a long-awaited, innovative English course designed for Hispanics. The program is the culmination of 5 years of development and reflects the practical, everyday needs of Spanish speakers living in the United States.

On another front, Lucas recently shared that he’s negotiating with two prominent companies in the region. Regardless of the outcome, he expects to capture at least 20% of the total addressable market in Fort Wayne, Warsaw and surrounding areas. The plan is to bring the Language Matters concepts to other cities across the state. In 3-5 years, he aims to expand programming to other states and reach more Spanish-speaking international students.