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King David’s Product & Services, LLC






January 2023


A men’s clothing and accessory retail store in Fort Wayne.

Clothes might not make the man, but they can help build his (or her) confidence.

Tracy Williams of Fort Wayne takes this to heart, which is why she founded King David’s Product & Services. It’s located at 2615 Brooklyn Ave. and is primarily a men’s clothing and accessory retail store. They carry attire for all occasions, such as business, casual, church, formal, informal and special occasions like reunions and weddings.

But King David’s is more than a retailer. The name is a nod to her father and Tracy believes it’s also a chance to make a meaningful difference. Services include clothing pressing, a bereavement program and a yearly donation program. The latter helps minority men who may need to update their wardrobes.

Tracy says this social impact enterprise would not be possible without the support of a loyal customer base. In the early stages of her company, she conducted weekly Facebook Live sales. That helped fund the movement — literally. Because of this traction, she moved home base from her closet to the current location. That development has allowed her to reconnect with former clients and gain new ones. The Facebook sales was successful and many people loved to see the connection between Tracy and her husband.

Looking to the future, Tracy says she aims to expand into several divisions, including separate stores for shoes, jewelry, accessories and eventually a big and tall store. She hopes to have them all in the same strip mall beside each other. At the same time, she’s set her sights on increasing their online presence and being the go-to destination for such items. And it seems Tracy is well on her way. With 233 Facebook followers (and counting) and more than $20,000 in sales since the opening in May 2022, she’s bullish on the future.