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May 2021


A multimedia network of experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and influencers that empowers listeners and aspiring professionals with the self-development and leadership tools needed to be successful.

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What’s the power of purpose? Ask Kibwe Cooper. With an education and professional background in audio-visual engineering and performance, Kibwe has experienced first-hand how operating within his purpose leads to personal success and affects others for good.

This discovery led him to found Kibwe Kreative Media in 2020. As Kibwe realized how working with his own gifts and purpose empowered him personally, he saw the importance of sharing these stories of success with others. While Kibwe Kreative is for everyone, it primarily looks to empower black and brown influencers and professionals in an effort to rewrite narratives and leave a ladder for the future constructed of self-development and leadership tools, connections to mentors, expert influence, and real-world wisdom.
Kibwe started the EmpowerYou Podcast to build these connections. He interviews experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who teach and encourage listeners who are looking to grow and succeed in their own lives and careers. Together, they demystify the process of success. Additionally, his course – The Guru Guide to Podcasting – offers a curriculum, direct training, video tutorials, and more to entrepreneurs who want to start their own podcast.
Already, Kibwe has recorded over 50 podcasts and gained thousands of social media engagements and hundreds of listeners per month while successfully selling his course. In the future, he envisions an audio-video network reaching over a million listeners. In the meantime, Kibwe is raising awareness locally and will use his grant towards marketing and legal contracts. Step by step, Kibwe demonstrates and shares the powerful impact of purpose.
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