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A Big Apple Jazz Club Series

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January 2019


Provide a creative space for musicians and audience members to come together, listen to jazz, and explore music together.

Imagine a place where music can flow freely, and community can grow wildly.

Ketu Oladuwa started a discussion with Michael Patterson about their memories of jazz clubs and the environment the clubs create for growing musicians. They wanted to create a place where musicians have the freedom to explore the depths of music and their audience can experience jazz culture and community in the making. They knew the Fort Wayne community well enough to know this scene needed a place to flourish.

By establishing A Big Apple Jazz Club Series, Ketu and his team can put African American culture, community, and music center stage. Not only does it provide a haven for music, but it also creates opportunities for relationship building and community development throughout the African American community and beyond.

A Big Apple Jazz Club Series is the right place for any musician who wants to create and showcase the music they love to play. It provides opportunities for musicians young and old, and it is a business that is showing promising growth over the next year.

Ketu is a Fortitude Founder who is using his past experience and breathing new life into the Fort Wayne community. This endeavor can grow, expand, and find support because of the connections available in the Fortitude community.

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Business Updates

Jazz Settles Into Southside

When Fort Wayne native Trinell Armour takes the stage this weekend at Wunderkammer, it will be in a persona of her own making — The Mad Scatter.

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