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March 2019


A device that allows doctors and other caregivers to make more informed decisions so individuals are able to live longer, healthier lives.

Connecting caregivers and medical professionals to the people who need it most.

As a caregiver to her aunt, Judy DeLury knows the importance of being able to accurately track health and medication. That’s why she invented a device housed under her company, DeLury Enterprises, LLC, that would make dispensing medication safer and more streamlined by connecting it to technology that notifies doctors and caregivers when medicine is being misused.

This device is especially important for people who are relatively mobile but rely on a caregiver for dispensing medication and other every-day medical care practices, such as people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other disabilities.

The device dispenses medication packets on a timer, making over- or under-use of medication nearly impossible. It also notifies caregivers if a loved one takes too much medication or forgets to take their medication during the allocated times of day.

Judy, a geographic information systems professional (GISP), had exactly those troubles while caring for her aunt. She noticed her aunt’s health suffer when she missed or over-used her medication and thought there must be a way not only to make medication dispensing easier but also to integrate technology to ensure her aunt’s health was the best it could be.

Judy created a way to make medication dispensing easier for the patient and her caregivers.

Although medication dispensers like this already exist, Judy plans to create a tracking system that can connect to both an app on a caregiver’s phone, and a database on a doctor’s computer, something that other medication dispensers do not currently offer. She also wants to make the device affordable and accessible to those who need it most.

Judy is currently working with Matt Siri at his research and development space to create a prototype for the device, work out the logistics, and get her invention off the ground. She has a provisional patent for her idea and is working toward selling the device or license to a manufacturer.

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