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Elevating Entertainment with Interactive Party Experiences for All Ages.

Bouncing into Fun: The Fort Wayne Knockerball Experience

In the heart of Wells County, Jonathon Skordos is reshaping the party entertainment scene with Fort Wayne Knockerball, a dynamic venture offering a plethora of interactive experiences for all ages. With years of experience in the event industry, Jonathon’s passion for fun and his entrepreneurial spirit converge to create unforgettable moments for clients across the region.

Fort Wayne Knockerball is more than just a party rental company; it’s an embodiment of joy, laughter, and excitement. From Knockerball and Archery Tag to Connect 4 Basketball and Kick Darts, the company delivers a diverse range of activities tailored to suit any occasion. Whether it’s a corporate outing, a school field day, or a community event, Fort Wayne Knockerball brings the fun directly to the customer, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.

With over 900 participants at various events, Fort Wayne Knockerball has already made a significant impact on the local entertainment scene. Looking ahead, Jonathon envisions substantial growth. His ultimate goal is to transition into running the business full-time within 5 years, with plans to establish a dedicated event space within a decade.

If awarded the $1,000 grant, Jonathon intends to invest in new equipment to enhance the experience for younger audiences, ensuring that Fort Wayne Knockerball remains at the forefront of innovative party entertainment. Supported by his wife Jessica, who plays a pivotal role in event coordination, and strategic partnerships with organizations like The Score Foundation and the Indiana Small Business Development Center, Jonathon is well-positioned to realize his vision of creating a thriving entertainment hub that brings joy to communities far and wide.

As Fort Wayne Knockerball continues to bounce forward, Jonathon Skordos remains committed to spreading laughter and creating lasting memories, one event at a time. With a focus on innovation, growth, and community engagement, Fort Wayne Knockerball is poised to become a cornerstone of entertainment in the region for years to come.

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Business Updates

Founders Spark wins national skysthelimit competition

Founders Spark is all about building and strengthening connections in the entrepreneurial community, and it was a personal connection that convinced the Fort Wayne company’s young owner to enter a new nationwide business plan competition he recently won.

Local entrepreneur wins $2,000 grant

A Fort Wayne man recently won a national award for entrepreneurship for his business Founders Spark. awarded Aaron Robles a $2,000 Friends and Family grant, which provides a chance for individual donors to vote for people and projects they believe in, according to a news release from the organization.

Robles holds events for local entrepreneurs in the startup community to provide them the tools they need to succeed. He said in the release that the grant will help cover costs of the events and make them accessible to more people.

Fort Wayne Magazine People of the Year

The last cover of 2019 for Fort Wayne Magazine features People of the Year. Ten people have been selected to represent the People of the Year.

Fort Wayne Magazine says these people are only givers, meaning they only give time, ideas, and experience. They give their 110%.

Fort Wayne Power Circle celebrates diversity, inclusion

Demographic representation improved locally with the election of three African Americans, including two women, to the Fort Wayne City Council. But, participants in panel discussion at a Founders Spark Power Circle celebration said the city remains far from approaching what it could achieve by improving inclusiveness.

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