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UniqueLee Creations


April 2018

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May 2019


One of a kind items handmade with love every day to bring uniqueness to your life.

You have no choice but to stand out.

In a world where everyone is buying the same thing from Target, this is Jillian Lee’s mantra. Her business, UniqueLee Creations, allows people to show their personalities every day.

Jillian began creating her own personal items after looking at Target, Walmart, and other big-name retailers and realizing that her personality wasn’t being reflected in any of their items. So she took the issue into her own hands, gathered some bling, and created her first journal, customized to reflect her own personality.

UniqueLee Creations was born after Jillian posted her custom journal on Facebook and a friend asked where to get one like it. Because each item is unique, Jillian had the opportunity to create another personalized journal for her friend. And business has only gone up from there.

Now, Jillian creates everything from phones cases and journals, to retractable work badges, light switch covers, shoes, water bottles, and more. As Jillian says, “We customize life and pretty much all the fun things that are in it.”

We customize life and pretty much all the fun things that are in it.

Most of UniqueLee Creation’s customers come through word of mouth. It certainly helps that people literally wear Jillian’s creations. Jillian has served around 50 customers with 10 to 20 coming back for more.

People often ask Jillian where she gets the bling and trinkets she uses to create her art. She’s realized that UniqueLee Creations has the opportunity for growth as a supplier of the components people need to create their own unique items.

Jillian will use her Fortitude Fund grant to start building her wholesale inventory and is excited to take advantage for mentorship opportunities through Fortitude’s mentorship program.

For now, she will continue to bling everything she can get her hands on.

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