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January 2019


A tattoo balm that is both ethical and effective.

The cosmetics industry is dirty – but it shouldn’t have to be.

After working on the floor of a larger cosmetics and skincare retailer for five years, Jessie Bower has had the opportunity to gage the cosmetics market and see what it’s missing. Since her retail days, she’s set out to fill a couple of gaps in the cosmetics industry: Tattoo balms and natural, effective ingredients.

Playing on her passions for chemistry and skincare, Jessie created a product that bridged the gap on both accounts. Bright Balm is a healing tattoo balm created with natural, safe, and effective ingredients including jojoba oil, candelilla wax, hempseed oil, and lavender oil.

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Bright Balm’s ingredients are also sustainably and ethically sourced. Jessie believes in the importance of buying raw materials ethically because it increases the demand for supply chain visibility, supports ethical buying practices, and promotes environmental best practices.

In the next five years, Jessie hopes to have a lab in Fort Wayne where she will hire community members to handmake Bright Balm. She would also like to expand her Bright Blam into a professional line of tattoo aftercare products.

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