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H&D Transportation Services


November 2020

$1,000 Grant Date

September 2020


To give non-drivers and homebound persons an efficient way to navigate Fort Wayne.

Accessible, quality, and caring transportation for Fort Wayne

As a local member of the community, Janice Hodges realized that Fort Wayne’s transit system needed an upgrade. As it currently stands, transportation services are not easily accessible to everyone in the community – especially for non-drivers and homebound persons – and something needed to change.

Alongside her family, Janice started H&D Transportation Service with the goal of lessening the burden of transportation and increasing freedom of homebound, non-driving clients with added pride and respect.

Janice’s service provides a wide array of services for those who need them at competitive rates. Just a few of her services include adult and child daycare transportation; grocery shopping; routine doctor visits; airport transportation to Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Detroit; corporate retreats; wedding and birthday parties; and more.

H&D Transportation Services can accommodate medical equipment, wheelchairs, and up to 13 passengers, making it an accessible and inclusive option for everything from group transportation to individual personal outings.

Janice Hodges sitting in the driver's seat of her van

With her grant from the Fortitude Fund, Janice was able to build a website for H&D Transportation Services that allows customers to book and pay for rides online.

She hopes to continue to empower people of all abilities to explore Fort Wayne and complete everyday tasks.

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Business Updates

Fort Wayne woman starts company to provide quality, caring transportation

A Fort Wayne woman is giving people a lift in more ways than one with H&D Transportation Service, LLC.

With a passenger van and a handicapped accessible bus, Janice Hodges’s company provides Fort Wayne residents with rides to school, work, doctor’s appointments and even family trips. According to the company’s website, H&D Transportation Services can accommodate medical equipment, wheelchairs and up to 13 passengers.

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