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5iveHi Clothing



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October 2018


Urban, classy clothing that honors life and gives back to the community.

If you want to be the best, you have to feel your best. 

After Jamie Bright’s 14-year-old stepson was murdered in 2016, he and his wife knew they wanted to do something special to keep his name and spirit alive. 5iveHi Clothing was born out of grief, but gave Jamie and those who loved Nicholaus Scroggins an opportunity to carry on his legacy.

Nicholaus was heavily involved in his community and was a stellar athlete. The name 5iveHi Clothing comes from the number he wore in football, 5, and the hashtag that was created in remembrance of his life, #FlyHigh#5.

Because of Nicholaus’ life and legacy, Jamie wanted to not only create urban and classy clothing, but also give back to the community. Through 5iveHi, he and his wife have been able to help middle and high school students expand their horizons, taking them on excursions and giving them opportunities to view life outside of their community.

The clothing itself sports the 5iveHi logo, a symbol of Nicholaus’ life and legacy that’s both urban and classy. Jamie designed his clothing in hopes that customers will feel like they’re a part of a family, bring color and life everywhere they go, and feel confident enough to stand out.

Above all, Jamie and the 5iveHi family hope to continue to remember Nicholaus Scroggins and the life and spirit he brought into the world as they expand their customer family and community.

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