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Onsite Tree Services


January 2019

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September 2019


Onsite tree services provided with integrity.

The tree service industry is tough work.

Jake McDonald often comes home at night dirty, sweaty, and tired. But he knew that he wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

Onsite Tree Services serves people in the Albion area who need to remove dead trees, trim tree limbs, and remove hazardous and fallen branches after storms.

But it didn’t start out that way. Jake began his business in January 2019. During the early stages, he was milling trees to create live-edge table tops, bar tops, and counters. He found that interest for these luxury items was high, but it was hard to market and sell.

He pivoted to tree services in April 2019 in order to create a sustainable business that could withstand the test of time and any economic hardships. His market is pretty large – anyone who has a tree in their yard – after all.

Onsite Tree Services has been able to grow quickly since April, thanks to word of mouth referrals and five-star reviews on Google and Facebook. Plus, Jake is personable and loves to partner with his clients to make the areas around their homes safer, cleaner, and more beautiful.

Jake was inspired to start his own business because he wanted to be able to support his family doing something he loves. Jake is only 21 years old, and hands-on occupations – let alone entrepreneurship – is not a common career path for his peers.

Nonetheless, Jake hopes to continue to grow Onsite Tree Services with more equipment, machinery, and manpower that will allow him to eventually start more businesses. He hopes to become an authority in the Albion area, where people will be able to come to him for multiple services and needs.

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