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August 2019


A gaming community bringing you a friendly and open environment to find other gamers to connect with.

The games don’t judge, so why should we?

It can be difficult for many gamers to find a judgment-free zone where they can connect with other gamers and talk about what’s happening in the community.

Jacob McCastle noticed that many gamers don’t feel free to express their love for gaming and made it his mission to create a friendly space where the community can come together to discuss their favorite games and discover new ones.

EasilyEntertained, a gamer-friendly community, was born.

The community is currently online-only. They operate through Discord, an voice and text chat platform for gamers. Their Discord membership has reached 70 gamers and counting.

For now, Jacob and his team are focusing on building this number in their online community. While their memberships have been entirely from referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, Jacob hopes that social media and a more robust online presence will bolster the amount of gamers in the EasilyEntertained community.

Part of this process involved creating a Patreon, where users can donate money to receive special content and promotions that the general public can’t receive. They’re using the funds from Patreon to do more live streams and open more servers for users to join.

Unfortunately, online gaming has seen a huge loss in players in the past few years, so although the online community will remain a part of EasilyEntertained, Jacob has shifted focus to opening a brick-and-mortar location. This store will have the same friendly environment that is being emulated online now.

At the storefront location, gamers will be able to come in and learn new games, interact with other gamers, attend events, buy popular and EasilyEntertained brand board games, and more.

For now, the team of six will work on expanding their online community, gathering funds for their storefront, and licensing their business. It may sound tedious now, but, after all, they’re EasilyEntertained.

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