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Turf Titans



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April 2021


A black-owned lawn and landscaping business offering homeowners dependable, quality service and improved curb appeal.

Good Relationships Drive Business and Support the Community.

Isaiah Custard’s entrepreneurial journey began in his own backyard. With a professional background in media and design, Isaiah discovered an interest in lawn care after purchasing his home. When he lost his day job during the Pandemic, he saw an opportunity to head outside full-time and start something new.
As Isaiah grew curious about how to care for his yard, he found another Midwesterner on YouTube who explained how to nurture a lawn—and a landscaping business—step-by-step. Inspired, Isaiah founded Turf Titans. He offers full-service landscaping and lawncare, including mowing, trimming, fertilizing, seasonal cleanup, and more.
Grateful for the detailed instruction he found online, Isaiah is motivated to build a successful business so that he can walk alongside others in his community and offer them guidance as they pursue their own ventures. It’s the relationships with others that drive him.
He takes that knowledge into his interactions with customers as well. Isaiah knows people’s time is precious and honors his clients by offering dependable, quality service and responsive customer care.
And it’s working. Turf Titans is seeing healthy growth and an increasing, enthusiastic customer base. Isaiah has been able to purchase additional equipment with his revenue and is even looking to add part-time employees.
Down the road, Isaiah sees Turf Titans becoming a household name as it expands into other cities and states as a franchise. He envisions strong relationships with future employees and plans to offer them job benefits and specialized training.
In the meantime, Isaiah plans to use his grant to help purchase additional machines to make his work more efficient and sustainable, improving his relationships with lawns everywhere.
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