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April 2021


Customizable parking lot maintenance packages specializing in litter pickup, landscaping, and line striping to help local businesses look their best.

He Noticed a Litter Issue in Town and Wanted to Solve It.

Fort Wayne native Isaac Fincher cares for his community and wants to see it thrive. An entrepreneur himself, Isaac knows how important it is for small businesses to make a good impression on potential customers. Good curb appeal does just that.

A few years ago, Isaac began to notice litter accumulating in commercial areas and parking lots. He also noticed his own desire to see storefronts looking their best. Isaac founded Clean Lot Solutions to help contribute to the cleanup of his community and to support the success of local businesses. He has a heart for making an impact through his cleaning and maintenance services.
Clean Lot Solutions specializes in parking lot maintenance for commercial lots and shopping plazas. Isaac offers a variety of services and customized packages, including litter removal, lawn and landscape maintenance, lot line retouching/striping, and seasonal cleanup. To date, line striping has been his most popular offering.
Down the road, Isaac hopes to purchase a sweeper truck and to widen his client base. As he works toward his goals, Isaac will use his grant to purchase a new line striping machine that will make his work more efficient and leave properties shining.
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