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Pet Wants


February 2019

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May 2020


Improving your pets’ lives through quality nutrition, delivered straight to your door.

Fresh. Local. Delivered.

Unfortunately, we can’t talk to our pets. Sometimes, this can lead to devoted pet owners to worry about the wants, needs, well-being, and health of their animals. Knowing what’s right for your pet can be a constant guessing game, especially when it comes to food.

Connie and Greg Hering are pet parents to a Leonberger named Nash and two rescue kitties, Sunny and Rascal, so they know the importance of providing the best quality life for their pets. When they discovered the Pet Wants model, they wanted to bring it to Fort Wayne.

Pet Wants Fort Wayne was founded in February 2019 after Greg and Connie realized the need for the fresh, healthy pet food that can be delivered for free to 27 zip codes in Fort Wayne.

Pet Wants Fort Wayne not only has access to Pet Wants’ repertoire of recipes, but they have also worked hard to create dog- and cat-approved house-made recipes. No matter the source, each recipe is fresh and slow-cooked to retain nutrients and flavor.

Greg’s main mission through Pet Wants Fort Wayne is to make it easy for pet parents to provide the most nutritious food available to the pets they love. Although Pet Wants is helpful to any dog or cat, it can be especially useful to help pets overcome digestive issues or allergy symptoms related to the food they eat.

Although you still can’t talk to your dog or cat, you can feel confident in the fact that Pet Wants is what your pet wants: Healthy food delivered quickly and easily so their owner has more time to focus on playing, petting, and cuddling.

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