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January 2023


Colombian-inspired fare in the Midwest

Empanadas are a staple of Colombian cuisine, but they’re still a foreign concept — quite literally — to most Fort Wayne residents.

Serial entrepreneur Aaron Robles is working to change that with his business, Goyo’s Kitchen. It’s a Latino-based food establishment that sells 100% authentic Colombian empanadas. Aaron’s vision is to bring his version of the delicacy to Northeast Indiana. In the process, he plans to offer recipes that accommodate dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free. Ultimately, he hopes to inspire people to fall in love with the food and culture while catering to native Columbians’ palates.

So far, his approach is working. To date, he and his team have offered samples to family and friends and have received a positive response. They’ve sold as many as 200 empanadas in a day. In other words, people are hungry for his offering. Aaron’s leaning into the opportunity and has ambitious plans.

Building on that momentum, Aaron is looking to share his culinary vision with a broader audience and market. He intends to use the grant funds to expand the channels of distribution. He aspires to start as a ghost kitchen, offering pickup and delivery through well-known apps (Waiter on the Way, DoorDash, etc) and event catering.

Though it’s an exciting time and Goyo’s is in growth mode, Aaron is cautious and plans to take a phased approach. The idea is that this will help them keep overhead costs low while testing the market and getting the word out about their product.

Then what?

After generating more substantial income and piquing public interest, he has his sights set on opening up a restaurant with an expanded menu as the first and only Colombian food in Fort Wayne. Stay tuned for details on this fresh and flavorful concept!