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Gentié Media Group






January 2023


Affordable videography and photography services for couples and businesses

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Adrien Gentié, a French-born and raised entrepreneur, agrees.

The owner of Fort Wayne-based Gentié Media Group is in the business of capturing life’s most precious moments. Gentié Media Group offers affordable videography and photography services. Turning “vision to visual,” he helps people preserve life’s rich memories with an artistic flair.

With that mantra in mind, Adrien often works with newly-engaged couples who desire videography or photography services for their wedding ceremony. Video is dynamic and offers couples a higher-def version of their special day. While each wedding is just as unique as the couple, Adrien appreciates the opportunity to document such a momentous occasion.

The wedding market isn’t his only focus, however. Adrien works with small businesses looking to amplify their message with digital media assets. He’s also committed to helping emerging companies with the same ambitions.

Still an up-and-coming business owner himself, Adrien has shot three weddings, two music videos and completed several photoshoots at the time of the grant application. This hard work means the word is getting out about Gentié Media Group and that bodes well for his future. Adrien shared that he’s partnered with a local social media marketing agency to create content for them. Speaking of social media, he’s tripled his follower count on Instagram in four months. Word of mouth has helped his cause, too. He believes the region’s tight-knit community has been key to his success.

Energized by this recent upward trajectory, Adrien is dreaming big. He wants Gentié Media Group to become the “go-to” wedding videographer in the Fort Wayne area in the next 3-5 years. He’s also looking to gain traction in another market by creating more music videos. The grant funds will allow him to invest in equipment to enhance his product.