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Mr. Koffee Cakes


March 2017

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March 2019


Coffee cakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

Coffee cakes don’t have to be just for breakfast any more thanks to Mr. Koffee Cakes.

Eric Kreienbrink wants to change how we think about coffee cakes. He wants to change when we eat them, too.

Mr. Koffee Cakes began with a family recipe and has evolved into a popular stop at local farmers markets, including the Ft. Wayne Farmers Market and the Whitley County Farmers Market. His selection ranges from classic coffee cakes of all sizes to specialty, gourmet flavors.

Eric’s love for coffee cakes is clear, but his adoration for the community in Northeast Indiana and the support it gives him is even larger. He could have cultivated his company anywhere in the nation but found himself growing Mr. Koffee Cakes back in Fort Wayne after years of living across the country.

This community not only serves as a source of support, but Eric’s family and friends and also serve as willing taste-testers and recipe-givers. Many of his recipes are spins off of the ideas of family and friends. And with loyal customers like his, Eric always has honest opinions of his seasonal baked good trials.

Eric hopes that, in the future, Mr. Koffee Cakes will become more than just a booth at the farmers market (although he wants to stay involved in that community). Eventually, Mr. Koffee Cakes will be a brick-and-mortar, one-stop shop for all your bakery, coffee, lunch, and sandwich needs. But for now, Eric is working on expanding his line of baked goods and testing new flavors out with his customers.

Ultimately, Eric wants to be able to spread happiness, positivity, and smiles through Mr. Koffee Cakes for both his family and his customers. He started his business to give back to his family and keeps going to make sure his coffee cakes can be enjoyed by all morning, noon, and night.

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Business Updates

Local Program Launches Coffee Cake Business

His customers named his business for him. As Eric Kreienbrink was selling coffee cakes at farmers markets, people started to call him “Mr. Koffee Cakes.” Why? Because Eric makes delicious coffee cakes in a variety of recipes. Beyond their gourmet quality, his pastries are different than most because they retain freshness while refrigerated or frozen – so they have a long customer shelf life. He regularly sells out at markets.

Restaurant Notes extra: CookSpring commercial kitchen helps Mr. Koffee Cakes, other Fort Wayne companies

Eric Kreienbrink found that his coffee cakes were so popular that he couldn’t make enough in his kitchen at home. He’s now a member of CookSpring and using the commercial kitchen at The Summit to get ready for his public tasting event there noon-2 p.m. Wednesday.

Shared kitchen cooks up new food ventures

The CookSpring at 1025 West Rudisill Blvd. boasts 4,800 square feet of cooking space in four kitchens.

Together, it’s size and purpose make it a powerful place for culinary entrepreneurs.

It’s licensed through the Allen Country Department of Health as a commissary, or shared kitchen—a place where food truck owners and chefs of all types come to prepare and store food and take their ventures to the next level.

Ft. Wayne Farmers Market: Mr. Koffee Cakes

Baked goods along with, specialty gourmet coffee cakes.

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