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The Narwhal and the Manatee



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May 2021


High-end, environmentally sustainable, fair-trade bath and skincare products offered to customers at an affordable price.

Grit, Growth, and Beauty. 

When her second child was born with severe eczema, Elizabeth Sutton put her homegrown cooking skills and pharmaceutical know-how to work. She began creating beautiful bath products that are healing to the skin. Elizabeth founded The Narwhal and the Manatee with high standards in mind. Each bath and skincare product would also be environmentally sustainable, animal cruelty-free, and fair trade. She focused on caring for the earth and for people at the same time.

After some major setbacks, including health concerns and the closing of her brick-and-mortar space, Elizabeth tapped into her grit to pivot her business model and come back even stronger. She moved her retail shop online and also began serving new clients as a private label product manufacturer.
The recent hire of a social media manager has created great growth among target customers looking to care for their families’ skincare needs. In addition, Elizabeth serves more and more private companies seeking recipes and products that represent their brand.
With a growing social media following and customer base, The Narwhal and the Manatee’s sales are notably increasing. In the next few years, they plan to take more private label clients, expand their brand sales nationwide, and double their Instagram followers.
Elizabeth will invest her grant award to design and furnish a booth she’s hosting at a private label conference later this year. With an eye-catching, informative, and comfortable space, Elizabeth can attract more potential clients and show them what grit and beauty can do.
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The Narwhal and the Manatee

The Narwhal and The Manatee produces and sells hand crafted skin care products, including their Foot Care Kit. Order online at

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