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August 2018


Connecting Auburn community members through fresh food.

Striving to get people out of the fast-food lane and back into the kitchen. 

Since opening Fresh Food Hub in 2015, Denise Hoff has made it her mission to connect community members with whole food nutrition by offering high-quality whole foods that her customers can trust. 

The Fresh Food Hub not only makes healthy, delicious food accessible and affordable to its customers, but it also provides a storefront for local producers (food, goods, and services).

However, Denise recognizes that it’s not enough just to sell healthy food. Part of the mission of the Fresh Food Hub is to teach people how to cook fresh, healthy food at home. Plus, being healthy is about more than just eating good foods: It involves paying attention to the impact we have on the planet, as well as our neighbors.

For years now, Fresh Food Hub’s offerings have attracted thousands of customers – both local and those just passing through – for lunch and events at its centralized downtown Auburn location.

Denise hopes that the Fresh Food Hub can continue to spread its mission of healthy and sustainable eating while supporting local businesses through their storefront for many years to come.

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Fresh Food Hub offers clean, healthy food options

When Denise Hoff opened Auburn’s Fresh Food Hub at 212 N. Main Street five years ago, it was in response to a need to offer residents healthy and fresh-grown local food.

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