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Breaking Barriers Case Management


April 2018

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April 2020


To help families of children with mental illnesses develop supports within their community.

Striving to change lives

Breaking Barriers Case Management serves children with mental illnesses and severe emotional disturbances who are at risk of out-of-home placement. Deanna Lockett’s role as a service provider is to assist the families of these children to stabilize their behavior so they can remain in the home with their families.

Deanna works with families by providing three services: respite, habilitation, and family support and training. Each service offers its own benefits to both the family and the child.

While each service has its own purpose, they ultimately all meet the same goal. Breaking Barriers Case Management strives to help the at-risk child remain in their home by assisting them with learning coping skills and focusing on the child’s needs that are potentially going unmet and causing the behavior at hand.

Deanna’s main role is to help the family develop supports within their environment or community so eventually, services will transition out and the family will function as a normal family as a whole.

Breaking Barriers Case Management helps keep at-risk children at home, and helps their families function successfully together.

Deanna’s services are offered in Allen County and 7 surrounding counties in Indiana. Breaking Barriers Case Management is a state service provider, and anyone interested in working with Deanna can contact the FSSA for more information on services.

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