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January 2020


Fashion that makes a statement and empowers wearers to be their authentic selves every day.

Fashion can make a statement.

David Loya is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When he came to America, he worked for a company that didn’t value him, a company where he couldn’t be his authentic self. He strove for more than what he was getting, and knew the only way he could get there was by starting his own business.

David went through several business ideas before he discovered t-shirt printing, which fulfilled his desire to be self-sufficient but also allowed him to do so much more: spread positive messages throughout Fort Wayne.

David believes that the best everyone has to offer is their authentic selves. When we all be who we were meant to be, he said, the world is a better place.

Thus, Tshirttorrentk was born. The company’s apparel ranges from empowering sayings like “Be you. Always.” to imagery that encourages camaraderie and authenticity.

David has also taken this opportunity to make political statements as well. Several designs feature well-known activists and sayings from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and he has taken joy in sharing these messages with the community.

In addition to his own design, David also offers custom design printing through Tshirttorrentk. He prints shirts on everything from birthday parties to family reunions to church retreats.

David hopes that Tshirttorrentk will continue to grow to hire more people and move from retail to wholesale.

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