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December 2015

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January 2020


A one-size fits all solution for elevating your legs and/or feet above the heart.

Dr. Linda Therkildsen came to her brother, Dave, with a problem.

Many of her patients weren’t being compliant when she asked them to elevate their legs or feet above their hearts at home.

The fact is, the current system for elevation simply doesn’t work for most patients. One of the only options for elevation is a stack of 7 pillows, which can cause discomfort and is difficult to maneuver without the help of a caregiver.

Thus, many patients simple don’t elevate their legs, which causes more medical issues and can lead to sores and sepsis.

Dr. Therkildsen tasked Dave with creating a solution; they both knew there had to be a more convenient way.

Dave created Upphöja (Uhp – fō’– jā), a device that allows patients to be compliant with doctors orders while giving them back their independence, mobility, and integrity.

Upphöja means exalt, elevate, and dignify in Swedish, which not only describes the devices purpose literally, but also signifies the dignity patients feel when they can take care of their health with independence.

The device is easy-to-use. Patients can simply lay the deflated bag under their legs, use the remote starter to inflate the bag to their desired height and firmness, adjust the height and firmness as needed, and deflate the bag when they need to adjust or get up.

Upphöja offers comfort and convenience to patients, making it easier for them to be compliant with doctor’s orders without the help of a caregiver.

Dave hopes the Upphöja can be a valuable resource that doctors can suggest for patients, and he wants to expand sales on a national level.

He and his siblings, who are also involved in the company, are working on creating more airbag-based technologies that can help patients with other medical conditions with mobility and everyday tasks.

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