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March 2019


Working with mission-driven organizations to help tell their stories online so that they can do more work that matters.

This is an agency that empowers clients to take ownership of their digital identities.

Common People United works with nonprofits and social agencies to give them the digital communications services they need so they can focus on what matters most to them: fulfilling their missions.

In order for Common People United to empower their clients to focus on their mission, Danee Pye, the company’s president, has developed a business plan unique to the digital communications market.

Instead of spending a lump sum of cash for a six- to eight-week website development project, Danee and her team go on-site to build workable websites for their clients in two days to two weeks. This process includes the logistics and training that goes with empowering their clients to make day-to-day website changes.

But Common People United doesn’t just do websites. The company also provides other communications services, such as social media campaigns, traditional public relations efforts, logo redesign, and other digital services. All on-site.

In fact, 50 percent of Danee’s job involves traveling across the country to help empower her clients. Although Common People United is headquartered in the PUNCH Films building in Fort Wayne, the company connects our region to the national landscape. Two of Common People United’s largest clients are based in California.

The purpose of Common People United’s unique business model is not only for empowerment. It also allows Danee and her team to give their clients the most up-to-date and effective digital experiences. The digital landscape is always changing, and their client training ensures that mission-driven companies are reaching the right people through the right avenues.

With the micro-grant from Fortitude Fund, Danee is planning to add new equipment to Common People United’s arsenal. Updated video equipment will allow Danee and her team to provide new services to their clients.

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Business Updates

Likes Don’t Pay the Bills: How to Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Works

There’s no magical button that turns “likes” into dollar bills. Common People United (and friends) will lay out the roadmap for creating a digital strategy that matches your business goals, content that your audience will love, and a metrics plan that lets you know for sure that it’s all working.

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Dr. Danee Pye, Founder and Organizational strategist of Common People United, expresses a feeling she thinks many female entrepreneurs share as they venture into business ownership.

The stresses of entering a corporate world traditionally dominated by men is daunting to many women, but over time, Pye has noticed some of the challenges are becoming easier.

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